book writing sketchbook

There is a Book on the Horizon…!

Many thanks to the wonderful folks at the Tell Your Why Story workshop for allowing me to test drive the book concept. Here’s a sneak preview of what I’ve been working on and can’t wait to share with you!

Hawks Cay

Destination Wedding: Why We Chose ‘Far’ Rather than ‘Near’

“So I know you don’t like traditional wedding stuff, but what if we got married on a beach somewhere… toes in the sand, tropical drinks with umbrellas… that sort of thing?” He had just woken up on the couch after coming home from work. Walking into the living room, I sat down next to him […]

Completed Paper Succulents

Large Paper Succulents Tutorial

The following how-to-guide is an inspired adaptation of Lia Griffith’s tutorial, found here. The paper succulents above are a larger version of this amazing Lia Griffith tutorial. Her templates are built so that all 10 petal pieces fit on a standard letter size sheet of paper. This is great for the smaller, 2.5″ size flowers, […]

Bridesmaids with paper flower bouquets

Paper Flower Bouquets, the Lean UX Way

 Problem: My fiance is allergic to all the pollen from essentially ALL THE FLOWERS. This means he has to get far more creative when it comes to standard holidays like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries — no roses for me. Therefore, standard wedding decor, typically involving floral arrangements is now a severe challenge. If there cannot be fresh-cut […]

married for love

Why I Married For Love & The Supreme Court Should Too

The Supreme Court is considering gay marriage as a national issue through June of this year. There is heavy debate over the constitution’s definition of marriage (in addition to the dictionary’s) alongside the views of 2015’s newlyweds. After reading Showtime for gay marriage among so many other bits of media, the defense of “tradition” from […]