Wedding Vendors

A Mad Libs-like Process for Choosing Wedding Vendors

Sometimes, we have a choice in our vendors, and we do our best to get the highest quality for a realistic price. At other moments in the wedding planning process, we are forced into a corner and our choices become limited, expensive, unwanted – or all the above. This is my story. *queue the Law […]

Bridesmaid Gifts feature image

Time for Bridesmaid Gifts!

When searching for “bridesmaid gifts” I found the same shit again and again. Three of the same necklace, or sweatpants, or monogrammed blahblahblah with a cute message attached. But my bridesmaids were different. As in, they are individuals and should be honored as such… How do I find one item, different in style, but the […]

Welcome Bag, Welcome Water Bottle

Drink & Be Married with These Bottled-Up Welcome Bags

Fact: We had a destination wedding in the Florida Keys. Fact: It’s sunny, hot, and makes one thirsty. The Need: Welcome bags that will include something functional for all guests, and be of use during and beyond the week of the wedding.   Tradition says: If you have a destination wedding, you MUST have a […]

Ceremony Setup Destination Wedding

10 Tips for Reviewing Potential Wedding Venues

How to find a wedding venue that’s a perfect match for you, your family, and your guests.   The Quest for the Perfect Wedding Venue Our research began in the form of Googling ‘Florida Keys Wedding Venues’ over the course of about two weeks (we were planning a destination wedding; if you’re wondering why we […]

Completed Paper Succulents

Large Paper Succulents Tutorial

The following how-to-guide is an inspired adaptation of Lia Griffith’s tutorial, found here. The paper succulents above are a larger version of this amazing Lia Griffith tutorial. Her templates are built so that all 10 petal pieces fit on a standard letter size sheet of paper. This is great for the smaller, 2.5″ size flowers, […]


How I DIY’d My Engagement Ring

6 tips on discovering what matters when searching for THE RING after you’ve found THE ONE. Last week I published a story about how I feel in love with my husband and why and when I knew I could “rest-of-my-life” with him. But for a gregarious gal who was never planning on getting married, how […]