Bridesmaid Dresses

How Bridesmaid Dresses Reveal More than Just a Little Leg

Our bridesmaid dresses, groom outfit, and décor color palette was inspired by my mother. She picked out her dress very early, in an unexpected color, but I really loved it once I saw it in person. Our wedding was in a bright, sunny location filled with saturated pastels, therefore I was put off by a […]

Leftover Wedding Decor

How We Put Our Leftover Wedding Decor to Work

If you’ve been following my previous posts on using Lean UX to discover the best bridesmaid bouquets and centerpieces, you might be wondering what happened to all those prototypes that didn’t work out. The crux of a “Fail Fast” project is to be willing to throw out the ideas that didn’t work. I have a […]

Final paper bouquet

Stacey’s Paper Bouquet Tutorial

From prototype to final product, here’s the recipe for making a fabulous paper bouquet.   Supplies for a Single Paper Bouquet: One 6 inch green styrofoam ball (found in the floral dept) 3 chopsticks Generous pile of hot glue sticks 1 Green 4oz. pack of Crayola Model Magic Elmers glue Small dish filled with 1–2 […]

Bridesmaids with paper flower bouquets

Paper Flower Bouquets, the Lean UX Way

 Problem: My fiance is allergic to all the pollen from essentially ALL THE FLOWERS. This means he has to get far more creative when it comes to standard holidays like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries — no roses for me. Therefore, standard wedding decor, typically involving floral arrangements is now a severe challenge. If there cannot be fresh-cut […]