Bridesmaid Dresses

How Bridesmaid Dresses Reveal More than Just a Little Leg

Our bridesmaid dresses, groom outfit, and décor color palette was inspired by my mother. She picked out her dress very early, in an unexpected color, but I really loved it once I saw it in person. Our wedding was in a bright, sunny location filled with saturated pastels, therefore I was put off by a […]

Bachelorette Prep

Lessons from the Bridal Shower, Bachelorette, and Bachelor Party

The Anti-Bridal-Shower Shower F*ck Bridal Showers. And registries. And tons of crap you’re supposed to put in a hutch only to take out at family dinners. Also, THOSE GAMES! The word searches and ribbon traditions. F*ck ‘em. WE ARE ADULTS. I am 32. He is 40. We have more stuff than we can cram into […]