Bridesmaids with paper flower bouquets

Paper Flower Bouquets, the Lean UX Way

 Problem: My fiance is allergic to all the pollen from essentially ALL THE FLOWERS. This means he has to get far more creative when it comes to standard holidays like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries — no roses for me. Therefore, standard wedding decor, typically involving floral arrangements is now a severe challenge. If there cannot be fresh-cut […]

Bachelorette Prep

Lessons from the Bridal Shower, Bachelorette, and Bachelor Party

The Anti-Bridal-Shower Shower F*ck Bridal Showers. And registries. And tons of crap you’re supposed to put in a hutch only to take out at family dinners. Also, THOSE GAMES! The word searches and ribbon traditions. F*ck ‘em. WE ARE ADULTS. I am 32. He is 40. We have more stuff than we can cram into […]

wedding dress selections

Shop for Your Wedding Dress Like a Software Engineer

I work for a software company, and regularly we ask, “What customer problems are we trying to solve?” Since I am the target customer in this exercise, and the wedding dress is my solution, let’s take an Agile approach here: Customer Problems: – I don’t have a wedding dress. – I’m a 4 on top […]


How I DIY’d My Engagement Ring

6 tips on discovering what matters when searching for THE RING after you’ve found THE ONE. Last week I published a story about how I feel in love with my husband and why and when I knew I could “rest-of-my-life” with him. But for a gregarious gal who was never planning on getting married, how […]

married for love

Why I Married For Love & The Supreme Court Should Too

The Supreme Court is considering gay marriage as a national issue through June of this year. There is heavy debate over the constitution’s definition of marriage (in addition to the dictionary’s) alongside the views of 2015’s newlyweds. After reading Showtime for gay marriage among so many other bits of media, the defense of “tradition” from […]

Fail Fast Squirrel Butts

Fail Fast & Pre-Mortem Your Next Project

From the Freakonomics podcast to articles from Fast Company, Fail Fast has become the latest mantra for suits, skirts, and sweatshirts alike. As a new manager within a rapidly growing company, I spent the first six months investigating experiential learning as a catalyst to positive change. I was in search of a lateral method to […]

Oh dear, fail fast now!

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – trust your gut and embrace failure at the sight of intuition. Back in 2007, I was the co-owner of a small design firm. We made great art for corporations, non-profits, and individuals large and small. As young, twenty-something entrepreneurs we dabbled in everything from Android games to rock […]

running view

How Love, Running, and Rocks Can Lead to Inner Peace

An Extrovert’s War on Introversion It happened during a conversation about my upcoming birthday. Unsure of what to get me, I noted to my fiance that I don’t need any more ‘stuff’ and to think of experiences, the things I like to do. I ran down a list of activities and then I found my […]

yoga hands

Yoga: Why Breathing Takes Practice

Yoga newbies, this one’s for you! 5 tips for getting through the postures in your next yoga class.   “Exhale into Downward Dog and stay here for five breaths.” I can count to five – I’ve got this… After what feels like minutes turning into hours, my instructor says soothingly, “Four more breaths.” Slight panic […]