Bridesmaid Robes for getting ready

Robes, Ring Boxes, & Table Favors: Steal These Wedding Details!

Steal these details for your wedding! Robes for the bridal party & the pro-tip inside, “custom” wedding band boxes, and table favors that will turn the reception up to eleven.

Embroidered satin robes for all the ladies in the bridal party.
Embroidered satin robes for all the ladies in the bridal party. NOTE: I was just stealing this super cute idea right outta Pinterest, but! I had no idea I would need to run to the front desk while getting ready. Without the robe, everyone would see fabulous makeup and hair… in a ratty tank top and gym shorts. Moral of the story: You’ll look like you have your shit together in a satin robe.


wedding bands box
Sometimes you get lucky. My wedding band not only arrived in a blue box that matched our color palette, it also fit both of our rings. I glued a pre-made paper flower on top to match the contrasting coral color and VOILA! Ceremony-ready wedding ring box.


Table Favors: Sunglasses with a tag that reads "Thanks for helping us keep our cool!"
Table Favors: Wooden-styled sunglasses (you can find these at with a ribbon-tied tag that reads “WHEW! Thanks for helping us keep our cool!”

I wear my sunglasses at night... so I can... so I caaa-annnn

Me & the father of the groom

Bridesmaids rockin their sunglasses at night.
I wear my sunglasses at night… so I can… so I caa-aaaannnn…


Photos by Sandra Costello


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