Girls Rock Boston

What I Learned at Girls Rock Camp Boston

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer at Girls Rock Campaign Boston. Their mission is to: Empower girls to believe in themselves by providing a supportive community that fosters self-expression, confidence, and collaboration through musical education and performance. Also, if you’re a girl from age 8 to 17, you will learn a new […]

hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate & Evening Routines

It was senior year and I was dating the captain of the wrestling team. Adam would swing by after practice, hop in the shower and then we’d hang out for a bit in the late evening. One November night, Adam engaged in the aforementioned routine, and, it being a chilly winter night, I decided to […]

martha stewart

Martha Stewart, Camel Toe, Amen.

It’s Saturday morning. My mother called at 8:30am as she often will. Since I didn’t pick up the first time, and I know she’ll call again in an hour, I ring her back. She’s talking to me about work and then, in mid sentence, she cuts herself off and begins to talk to my father. […]

boob or bust

The Boob or Bust.

Bust. (noun) 1) A woman’s chest. 2) A sculpture of a person’s head, shoulders, and chest. 3) An art student’s tale of woe. Let this be the first of many statements I will make regarding my art education – there were many things being created that made anyone’s typical baby-boomer parents uncomfortable. One of the […]


Merry Christmas from Kotex Tampons

It’s Christmas morning at my parents’ house. I’m a freshman in college. Surrounded by gifts wrapped to the nines, I notice a large, frosted gift bag. While you could only see through it slightly, it appeared to be filled with lots of boxes, all about equal size. “You gotta open these first – before Aunt […]