Best Books for Overachievers Type A

The 3 Best Books for Overachievers

Hello Overachievers!! Get ready for three of the best books from 2015 and beyond. Working as the creative strategist for a new product during the day, diligently working on my first book at night, and steadfastly serving as a designer/marketer always, these books have inspired and enabled me to kick some serious creative ass. You’re […]

mentor vs non-mentor

How to Identify a Non-Mentor

The below was written in response to Tobias van Schneider’s post, Ignore Everybody.   Over the years I’ve had some incredible mentors and recently found myself with a big idea in-hand without a mentor in sight. This concerned me enough to produce a sort of radar, so that when I attend workshops or meet new […]

Girls Rock Boston

What I Learned at Girls Rock Camp Boston

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer at Girls Rock Campaign Boston. Their mission is to: Empower girls to believe in themselves by providing a supportive community that fosters self-expression, confidence, and collaboration through musical education and performance. Also, if you’re a girl from age 8 to 17, you will learn a new […]

married for love

Why I Married For Love & The Supreme Court Should Too

The Supreme Court is considering gay marriage as a national issue through June of this year. There is heavy debate over the constitution’s definition of marriage (in addition to the dictionary’s) alongside the views of 2015’s newlyweds. After reading Showtime for gay marriage among so many other bits of media, the defense of “tradition” from […]

running view

How Love, Running, and Rocks Can Lead to Inner Peace

An Extrovert’s War on Introversion It happened during a conversation about my upcoming birthday. Unsure of what to get me, I noted to my fiance that I don’t need any more ‘stuff’ and to think of experiences, the things I like to do. I ran down a list of activities and then I found my […]

yoga hands

Yoga: Why Breathing Takes Practice

Yoga newbies, this one’s for you! 5 tips for getting through the postures in your next yoga class.   “Exhale into Downward Dog and stay here for five breaths.” I can count to five – I’ve got this… After what feels like minutes turning into hours, my instructor says soothingly, “Four more breaths.” Slight panic […]

body image

How the Porn Expo Boosted My Body Image & Self Confidence

After moving to a new state and changing jobs, I found solace in the ‘body image’ essays on the web. The stress of redefining a career that used to be entrepreneurial had left its mark on my hips, thighs, and cheeks (both sets). So, here I am, approaching my mid-thirties, wondering if I should “just […]