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Remember that book I was writing? AstroWed is ALMOST HERE!

Space… Wedding planning… Time machines… ASTROWED!!! The first book in my AstroWed series, The Universe’s Most Kickass Wedding Planning Workbook will be available on March 15th, on Until then, get special pre-order pricing by clicking HERE. If you just watched the video, and you’re wondering where to go, CLICK HERE.   And if you’d […]

How to find an editor that's right for you - Stacey Dyer, Reedsy

Finding an Editor That’s Right for You (My guest post on Reedsy)

If you’ve ever wondered how to find an editor for your book, or what it’s like to work with one, I’ve got a story for you! Learn how I found my editor for AstroWed, what you can expect when you use an awesome service like Reedsy, and most importantly, how to make the process of […]

Best Books for Overachievers Type A

The 3 Best Books for Overachievers

Hello Overachievers!! Get ready for three of the best books from 2015 and beyond. Working as the creative strategist for a new product during the day, diligently working on my first book at night, and steadfastly serving as a designer/marketer always, these books have inspired and enabled me to kick some serious creative ass. You’re […]

mentor vs non-mentor

How to Identify a Non-Mentor

The below was written in response to Tobias van Schneider’s post, Ignore Everybody.   Over the years I’ve had some incredible mentors and recently found myself with a big idea in-hand without a mentor in sight. This concerned me enough to produce a sort of radar, so that when I attend workshops or meet new […]

Fail Fast Squirrel Butts

Fail Fast & Pre-Mortem Your Next Project

From the Freakonomics podcast to articles from Fast Company, Fail Fast has become the latest mantra for suits, skirts, and sweatshirts alike. As a new manager within a rapidly growing company, I spent the first six months investigating experiential learning as a catalyst to positive change. I was in search of a lateral method to […]

Oh dear, fail fast now!

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – trust your gut and embrace failure at the sight of intuition. Back in 2007, I was the co-owner of a small design firm. We made great art for corporations, non-profits, and individuals large and small. As young, twenty-something entrepreneurs we dabbled in everything from Android games to rock […]

running view

How Love, Running, and Rocks Can Lead to Inner Peace

An Extrovert’s War on Introversion It happened during a conversation about my upcoming birthday. Unsure of what to get me, I noted to my fiance that I don’t need any more ‘stuff’ and to think of experiences, the things I like to do. I ran down a list of activities and then I found my […]

email reality bites like a cow stuck in the water

Growling Gut Instincts: When Email Etiquette Reveals the Truth

It began with a need. A need to change jobs. I was tired of commuting an hour by train each way and constantly working those unnecessary late nights. Most ad agencies seem to have a similar assumption that working late procures creative agility, I disagree. I’m an early bird who likes to go home at […]