Who is Stacey Dyer?

“I’m a sophisticated lady who happens to swear a lot.”

Stacey Dyer - head shotStacey Dyer is a mentoring, marketing, and entrepreneurial renaissance woman. She is a creative strategist at work, and an avid runner, designer, vocalist, and writer for play. Stacey is currently working on a DIY wedding book, thanks to the enthusiasm of awesome readers like yourself.

Finally settling into living in Boston, the transition from Connecticut to city living is a sticky subject. Life before Boston was filled with the pluckiness of startups, success, and failure; the owning of two companies, a house, and a ten year relationship that left a memoir-laden mark. Newly married (to a new guy) and back in the creative hot seat, Stacey writes about her experiences and memories weekly, in hopes that her adventures will help others find sanity in life. Cheers to less stress and more sanity!